Emergency responders are required to act quickly and efficiently in a variety of situations. At times, it can be too difficult or too risky to intubate a patient using an endotracheal tube and another option is needed – quickly.

A laryngeal mask airway (LMA) has become a standard tool of paramedics and non-ET trained professionals for when emergency ventilation is needed, or when a patient may not need to be intubated for a long period of time.[1]

LMAs offer fast and accurate placement regardless of circumstances and offer a step above bag-mask ventilation.1

The Air-Q is an Effective Solution when Emergency Intubation is Needed

The air-Q® from Salter Labs is an intubating laryngeal airway (ILA) that is ready for the unexpected. The air-Q® was developed and designed by an anesthesiologist following eight years of clinical research.

The air-Q® includes an epiglottis elevator and raised heal to optimize airway placement and seal. The air-Q® provides anatomically correct placement of the masked airway, lifting of the epiglottis to maximize access, and a guide ramp to assist with ETT insertion and placement.

The air-Q® is available in these sizes:



  • 5, Pink | Patient Weight: < 4 kgs (Reusable Only)
  • 0, Blue | Patient Weight: < 4-7 kgs
  • 5, Green | Patient Weight: < 7-17 kgs
  • 0, Orange | Patient Weight: < 17-30 kgs
  • 5, Yellow | Patient Weight: < 30-50 kgs
  • 5, Red | Patient Weight: < 50-70 kgs
  • 5, Purple | Patient Weight: < 70-100 kgs

To learn more about the air-Q® Standard and the air-Q® Family, please email us or call 888-891-1200.

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[1] https://acls.com/free-resources/knowledge-base/respiratory-arrest-airway-management/laryngeal-mask-airways-lma