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    Study Concludes RADPAD® Protects Brain From Scatter Radiation

    May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, and approximately 1,985 Americans will be diagnosed with brain cancer or other nervous system cancers in May alone.1 Learn how RadPad No-Brainer can protect healthcare providers during fluoro-guided procedures.

    Cath Lab Physicians and Staff Can Decrease Their Radiation Exposure Risk by Doing this One Thing

    According to Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy, over one million cardiac catheterization procedures are performed annually in the United States.3 Although cardiac catheterizations are generally considered safe, radiation exposure is a risk for the patient as well as the interventional cardiologists and cath lab personnel. Over the past decade, older cardiac interventionalists have shown high rates [...]

    Help Improve Quality of Care with the IV/Vascular Access and Interventional Radiology Devices Offered Through MED Alliance Group

    MED Alliance Group is proud to specialize in the distribution of intravenous/vascular access and interventional radiology products that help healthcare providers improve patient safety, patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. INTRAVENOUS/VASCULAR ACCESS The AquaGuard Moisture Barrier from Covalon Technologies Ltd. was designed to improve quality of care and outcomes for patients with catheter sites, surgical incisions [...]

    Protect Cardiovascular Health from Scatter Radiation with RADPAD®

    Since the early 1900s, radiation therapy has been a useful tool to treat cancer. Early in the 20th century, radiologists discovered that while radiation was effective in curing cancer, it could also cause cancer and other potentially life-threatening diseases by harming the cells surrounding the cancerous tissue. Although modern medicine has fine-tuned this treatment to [...]

    MAGI Reps Place In Top 10 For 2017 RADPAD Sales

    Three MED Alliance Group Sales Representatives were ranked in the top ten by RADPAD® for their 2017 sales! Congratulations to Jerry F, Rick H, and Margaret B for ranking 3rd, 7th, and 9th, respectively, out of all RADPAD® representatives! RADPAD® radiation products protect healthcare providers and patients by absorbing scatter radiation during fluoro-guided procedures. To [...]

    Scatter Radiation is Unavoidable, Physician Protection is Not

    Radiation Therapy is a powerful tool in medicine, especially when used to treat cancer. Radiation works by killing and slowing the growth of cancer cells – but it can also damage healthy cells in the process, which can increase the risk of developing cancer in the future. RADPAD® No Brainer® In 2017, approximately 80,000 new [...]

    Radiation Exposure May Increase Alzheimer’s Risk – How Can You Stay Protected?

    June is National Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. More than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, and deaths caused by the disease have increased by 89% since 2000.¹ Clinical studies have shown that exposure to low and high doses of ionizing radiation can be a risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s.² The RADPAD® from Worldwide Innovations [...]
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