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    Protect Cardiovascular Health from Scatter Radiation with RADPAD®

    Since the early 1900s, radiation therapy has been a useful tool to treat cancer. Early in the 20th century, radiologists discovered that while radiation was effective in curing cancer, it could also cause cancer and other potentially life-threatening diseases by harming the cells surrounding the cancerous tissue. Although modern medicine has fine-tuned this treatment to [...]

    Scatter Radiation is Unavoidable, Physician Protection is Not

    Radiation Therapy is a powerful tool in medicine, especially when used to treat cancer. Radiation works by killing and slowing the growth of cancer cells – but it can also damage healthy cells in the process, which can increase the risk of developing cancer in the future. RADPAD® No Brainer® In 2017, approximately 80,000 new [...]

    Radiation Exposure May Increase Alzheimer’s Risk – How Can You Stay Protected?

    June is National Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. More than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, and deaths caused by the disease have increased by 89% since 2000.¹ Clinical studies have shown that exposure to low and high doses of ionizing radiation can be a risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s.² The RADPAD® from Worldwide Innovations [...]

    RADPAD Product Codes

    RADPAD® Radiation Protection Shields protect healthcare providers and patients from scatter radiation. Click here to learn more. Product Code Description Qty/Box 5100A-B RADPAD® BLUE Interventional Specialty Shield w/absorbent 15 5100A-O RADPAD® ORANGE Interventional Specialty Shield w/absorbent 15 5100A-R RADPAD® RED Interventional Specialty Shield w/absorbent 15 5100A-Y RADPAD® YELLOW Interventional Specialty Shield w/absorbent 15 5101A-B RADPAD® [...]
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