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    FEMA Funding for Managing Multiple Fatalities in Disaster Response

    Does your community’s disaster response plan include managing multiple fatalities? With the prevalence of mass casualty shootings, emergency management and community officials across the country have increased training for the prevention of and response to such events.

    Funding Opportunities for Morgue Trailers

    The prevalence of mass casualty incidents in the past couple of years has created a stronger need for communities to stay prepared, but disaster preparedness can be costly, and many communities may not have the resources needed to get prepared. If a mass casualty incident occurred in your community, would officials have the resources and tools needed, [...]

    Tornado Season is Just Beginning: Is Your Community Prepared?

    April, May and June are known to be the peak months for tornado season in the United States.1 After the string of tornados in Alabama, Georgia and Florida on Sunday, emergency officials know this is just the beginning of a very long season. Now known as the deadliest outbreak since 2013, one of the twisters [...]

    Overcapacity, Power Outages, Renovations – How Do You Manage Morgue Complications?

    Morgue facilities and their staff play an important role in the safety and preservation of the deceased. It is crucial that coroners, medical examiners and morgue attendants are able to maintain quality standards, preventing decomposition and the spread of infections while the deceased are left in their care. What happens when an unforeseen event occurs [...]

    Could Your Community Benefit from a Disaster Preparedness Grant?

    The DHS Granted More than $1.6 Billion Last Year for Disaster Preparedness – Apply for Your Community Today 2017 was a year like no other in recent history with events that rocked the country such as natural disasters, mass shootings and crises where countless people lost their lives. With each major headline settling down, another [...]

    With Mass Shootings on the Rise, Is Your Community Morgue Prepared?

    It has become clear that mass shootings can take place anywhere. We can no longer say, “it will never happen here.” As a result, emergency personnel, schools and businesses around the country train for active shooter incidents. Our communities also need to prepare for the worst – mass casualties. If... Read More

    The Latest Mass Casualty Incident Causing Morgue Overcapacity

    It’s been called a crisis, an epidemic, and even an opioid tsunami. More than 64,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in 2016, a 22% increase from 2015. 1 The National Institute on Drug Abuse chart below shows the overwhelming trend in overdose deaths since 2000. The statistics speak for themselves, so much so that [...]

    What if You Could Receive Funding for Disaster Preparedness?

    The prevalence of mass casualty incidents the past couple years has created a stronger need for communities to stay prepared, but disaster preparedness can be costly and many may not have the resources they need to stay prepared. Fortunately, there are many funding opportunities available to help communities afford the necessary tools needed to aid when disaster [...]
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