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  • Swaddle Bathing Is Research-Based, Best Practice For Neonatal Bathing

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    Swaddle Bathing Is Research-Based, Best Practice For Neonatal Bathing

    What is Swaddle Bathing?

    A swaddle immersion bath involves bathing a newborn while they are wrapped in a loose blanket. The baby and the blanket are immersed in a tub of water, while each limb is carefully unswaddled, washed, rinsed, and swaddled again. Swaddle bathing is research-based, best practice for neonatal bathing.

    Top Seven Reasons Swaddle Bathing Should Be Routine Bathing Practice In Hospitals

    • Is the least stressful form of neonatal bathing
    • Conserves baby’s energy
    • Decreases temperature loss
    • Decreases physiologic and motor stress
    • Enhances ability to feed after a bath
    • Supports family-centered care
    • Is clinically supported by professional organizations and research

    Clinical Support for Swaddle Bathing

    • 2016 NANN Advances in Neonatal Care article recommends that NICUs adopt a protocol for swaddle bathing. Tub or immersion bathing is beneficial for full-term and late pre-term infants.
    • 2018 AWHONN Skincare Guideline recommends infants be bathed with immersion tub bathing or swaddle immersion bathing.
    • “Family involvement is key to realize the potential for long-lasting positive effects on their baby’s physical, cognitive and psychosocial development.”
    • Swaddle bathing is a “typical” activity that involves the family. Early experiences matter for brain development.
    • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) – Swaddle bathing involves the family in infant caregiving.

    *References available upon request.

    Swaddle Bathing Clinical Practice Guideline

    Note: Click the image to download or share.

    Catapult TurtleTub Swaddle Bathing Clinical practice guidelines
    Catapult TurtleTub Swaddle Bathing
    Catapult Turtle Tub
    The TurtleTub Is Designed to Benefit Your NICU or Well-Baby Unit
    • Built-in color-coded temperature strip displays when the water is too cold, too hot, or just right
    • Smooth contours for easy cleaning
    • Custom liner for infection control
    • Ribs and high sides support the infant during the bathing process

    Watch the AWHONN-TV TurtleTub Video on the Benefits of Swaddle Bathing

    For more information about the TurtleTub Swaddle Bathing System or to request a demonstration, call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to a local representative.

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