Introducing CPR Chat™ from AdvancedCPR Solutions®

CPR Chat™ is a new video series designed to enhance knowledge of CPR and the latest technological advances that could improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

MED Alliance has been given an exclusive preview of the first episode in the series. In the coming months, additional videos on resuscitation technologies, the physiology of CPR, the ElevatedCPR™ method, and more will be available to subscribers only.

Click the video to watch the first episode that demonstrates the power of the ElevatedCPR™ Bundle of Care during cardiac arrest. Press the SUBSCRIBE button at the end of the video to ensure you receive future episodes!

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CPR Chat from AdvancedCPR Solutions
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How to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

The EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System is the only device designed to precisely and consistently position patients to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR™ method.

The EleGARD™ System helps providers position patients to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR™ method to potentially improve survival of cardiac arrest in pre-hospital and hospital settings.

To learn more about the EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System from AdvancedCPR Solutions® or for a demonstration, email us or call 888-891-1200 to be connected to your local sales representative.

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