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  • Mitigating CPR-Induced Brain Concussion

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    Mitigating CPR-Induced Brain Concussion

    There is no doubt that CPR saves lives. However, with every CPR compression, the brain is caught between both arterial and venous pressure waves at the same time, creating increased pressure. As the intracranial pressure increases, the risk of concussion increases.


    Studies have shown that by elevating the patient’s head and thorax, cpr-induced concussions could be mitigated.

    The ElevatedCPR™ method is a technologically advanced technique for performing device-assisted head up CPR that incorporates raising the head, heart and thorax in a multi-level elevation, in a timed sequence, in conjunction with best practice resuscitation protocols.

    Preclinical studies showed that the ElevatedCPR™ method, when used with an ITD and ACD-CPR or mechanical CPR, immediately and significantly reduced intracranial pressure,[1],[2],[3] mitigating “brain concussion with every compression” [4],[5],[2],[3]  seen in standard CPR.

    CPR Induced Concussion

    Studies also showed that the ElevatedCPR™ method:

    • doubled blood flow to and through the brain and other vital organs compared to today’s best-of-class CPR techniques and devices;[6]
    • significantly increased cerebral perfusion pressure to greater than 80% of normal and coronary perfusion pressure to greater than 70% of normal when 2 minutes of priming in the lowered position preceded slowly raising the head and thorax to the elevated positions over a two-minute period; [1],[4],[5]


    The EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System is the only device designed to precisely and consistently position patients to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR™ method. [7]

    For a demonstration and to learn more about the EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System by AdvancedCPR Solutions®, email us or call 888-891-1200.

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