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Morgue Trailer Trays
Mobile Morgue Trailer Refridgerator

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If you are renovating your morgue facility and need to rent a mobile morgue trailer, contact MED Alliance Group. We are a certified medical device distributor that offers morgue facilities a reliable mobile morgue unit. In the event of a mass casualty incident, be “Ready to Roll” with a reliable morgue trailer. The portable morgue trailer is built in the USA and can be purchasedand comes with 20 stainless steel body trays for ease of sterilization. If your morgue facility is under construction or experiencing a cooler outage, a mobile morgue pod can be rented. Our mobile morgue pod comes with 24 stainless steel body trays. If you’re looking for a portable morgue in the Indianapolis area contact MED Alliance Group.

Indianapolis Mobile Morgue

Indianapolis, Indiana is the capital and seat in Marion County with a population of 853,173. Indianapolis is the second most populated city in the Midwest and sometimes called the “Racing Capital of the World.” We want to help you get the mobile morgue unit or a mobile morgue trailer that contributes to the preparedness of your response. Let MED Alliance Group help you be prepared for the unanticipated.

Indianapolis Mobile Morgue Unit

MED Alliance Group gives customers information on potential grants that can help you purchase a morgue trailer. During a large-scale casualty incident having a mobile morgue is a benefit. We never know when a mobile morgue may be required but its best to be equipped just in case. If you’re looking for a quality mobile morgue unit or mobile morgue trailer, contact us. If you would like to request more information about a portable morgue, call MED Alliance at (888) 891-1200.

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