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    Since 1998 Med Alliance Group, Inc. has been an ISO 13485 certified distributor of medical devices. Inscope Direct offers an integrated, controllable suction laryngoscope that allows clinicians an uninterrupted clear view of the vocal cords. We encourage you to call and speak with a representative about the innovative laryngoscope device that comes with two controlled suction ports and a MAC 3.5 blade. This suction laryngoscope is the first of its kind, and because it’s a single-use laryngoscope, it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. The Inscope laryngoscope has a cost-effective laryngoscope price. Med Alliance Group is ready to assist Green Bay hospitals and EMS facilities with high-quality laryngoscope orders.

    Green Bay Laryngoscope Device

    Green Bay is widely known as the home to the NFL team “Green Bay Packers” and is the third largest city in the state with a population of 104,057. Green Bay offers a beautiful skyline that includes the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge and a gorgeous downtown area. If you are looking to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, then this laryngoscope can help. Contact Med Alliance Group if you want a suction laryngoscope that’s able to give you a clear view of the vocal cords. The Inscope laryngoscope is beneficial to clinicians and patients plus the laryngoscope prices are cost-effective. Med Alliance Group provides excellent customer service and values our clinical customers.

    Green Bay Suction Laryngoscope

    Med Alliance Group provides an innovative and extremely durable laryngoscope device. The Inscope laryngoscope is a suction laryngoscope with two controllable ports with the additional benefit of eliminating cross-contamination by being a single-use laryngoscope device. You will find that we offer affordable laryngoscope prices at Med Alliance Group, Inc. and our representatives are specially trained for educating customers about the suction laryngoscope. If you would like more information on the Inscope laryngoscope, please call (888) 891-1200. We will be happy to discuss laryngoscope prices along with the advantageous features it offers clinicians.

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