The Combicath by Plastimed is a “Mini-BAL” catheter used to obtain lower lung samples to diagnose VAP. Click here to learn more.

Product Code Description Quantity
58124.40 Combicath Large 13 F 20/CS
58216.27 Combicath MiniBAL 8 F 60cm x 2.7 20/CS
58223.19 Combicath Pediatric 6 F 35cm x 1.9 20/CS
58229.19 Combicath Bronchoscopic 6 F 90cm x 1.9 20/CS
5020 Combicath Kit for Lower Lung (60cc Syringe) 30/CS
5021-1 Combicath Kit For Lower Lung (3x 20cc Syringes) 30/CS

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