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  • Caregiver Product Codes

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    Caregiver Product Codes

    Caregiver no touch thermometer

    The Caregiver by Thermomedics is a clinical-grade infrared non-contact thermometer with TouchFree technology. Click here to learn more.

    Product Code Description Quantity
    PRO-TF300 Caregiver Touch-Free Professional Clinical Thermometer EACH
    200-1241-105 12″ Coiled Caregiver Tether EACH
    WMT-TF Wall mount, with mounting hardware, individually packaged. EACH
    BSM-TF Basket mount adapter for wall mount with mounting screws and locknuts.  Individually packaged EACH
    CC12-TF Coiled Cord – 12 ft extended length, slip rings both ends, black EACH
    SMT-TF Secure mount coiled 12′ steel tether w/ secure mount fittings and removal tool EACH
    WMT-CC12-TF Wall mount w/ hardware.  Individually packaged w/ 12′ coiled cord and slip rings for attmt to wall mount EACH
    WMT-SMT-TF Wall mount w/ secure mount 12′ steel tether w/ secure mount fittings removal tool EACH
    200-1241-103 Battery door EACH
    200-1241-104 Sensor cap w/ logo EACH
    CAL-001 Caregiver calibration In-Warranty.  For calibrations beyond first no charge calibration. *serviced by Thermomedics EACH
    RPR-001 Preferred customer repair charge (in warranty but customer damage or misuse) *serviced by Thermomedics EACH
    CC-TF Calibration system for Caregiver Thermometer EACH
    BB-TF Black Body for Calibration system EACH
    DMO-TF300 Caregiver Demo Thermometer EACH
    CLMP-NL-TF Black anodized clamp and holder for pole mounting Caregiver thermometer EACH
    CLMP-L-TF Anodized Aluminum Clamp and holder with speed knob and security key for pole mounting Caregiver thermometer EACH
    STND-TF 4-Leg rolling stand includes holder for caregiver thermometer EACH
    301-1241-100 White box – single unit (without foam) EACH

    For more information about the Caregiver TouchFree Thermometer, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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