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  • Air-Q3 Supraglottic Airway Now In Neonatal Sizes

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    Air-Q3 Supraglottic Airway Now In Neonatal Sizes

    Air-Q®3 is now available with the smallest supraglottic airway for your most fragile infant patients.

    The new size 0 and 0.5 sizes come in all four Air-Q3 styles including self-pressurizing and gastric models.

    The self-pressurizing option allows for insertion and ventilation with no additional steps. The self-pressurizing cuff inflation is controlled by inspiratory/expiratory pressure. No inflation is needed.

    The gastric access version helps with secretions and air in the stomach. 

    Perfect Placement Made Easy

    • Color-coded connector for easy size identification.
    • The removable tethered connector enables insertion of the endotracheal tube through the airway tube.
    • Anatomically curved, medical-grade silicone airway tube with an integrated bite block.
    • Exclusive epiglottis elevator lifts the epiglottis to maximize cuff placement.
    Air-Q3 ILA Neonatal Sizes 0 and 0.5

    Air-Q3 Models Include:

    Air-Q3 – Provides exceptional ease of ETT placement when unexpected intubation is required.

    Air-Q3G – Features extra wide gastric inlet access and two gastric channels that accommodate NG tubes up to 18Fr.

    Air-Qsp3 – Uses positive pressure ventilation to self-pressurize the cuff. Cuff pressures cycle between peak airway pressure and PEEP levels.

    Air-Qsp3G – Features extra wide gastric inlet access, two gastric channels that accommodate NG tubes up to 18 Fr and a self-pressurizing cuff that utilizes a positive-pressure ventilatory source.

    Each Air-Q3 model is available in a wide range of sizes: 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, and 5; appropriate for patients weighing < 2.0 kg to >80 kg.

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    Air-Q3 Four Models
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