Intubations in the field can be a rare occurrence for some EMS personnel, leading to a low comfort level of performing the procedure when the need arises.

The air-Q® from Salter Labs is an easy-to-use Intubating Laryngeal Airway (ILA) that is ideal for less experienced users. Its unique design provides a molded epiglottis elevator ramp to secure and lift the epiglottis, and a guide ramp to assist with ETT insertion and placement – both help in first insertion success.

Howard County EMS in Maryland began using the Air-Q after another department told them how easy it was to use. “They do way fewer intubations than we do, and the simplicity of insertion was key for them.”

A 2018 study conducted in Iran concluded that not only does the air-Q airway device have a higher mean OLP than the competitive device, it was also placed easier and showed a reduced time to first breath.[1]

airq vs i-gel insertion time and number of attempts graph
airq vs i-gel OLP graph

The air-Q® gives healthcare providers confidence to provide an alternative airway management solution when an emergency intubation is needed and focus on the patient rather than the product.

Air-Q® comes in three variants of ILAs that deliver safety and confidence in airway management. Each product comes with color-coded caps for quick sizing, a removable cap to accept a wide range of ETTs and an ETT ramp to help direct scopes and tubes directly to the trachea.

The air-Q® is available in these sizes:

  • 5, Pink | Patient Weight: < 4 kgs (Reusable Only)
  • 0, Blue | Patient Weight: < 4-7 kgs
  • 5, Green | Patient Weight: < 7-17 kgs
  • 0, Orange | Patient Weight: < 17-30 kgs
  • 5, Yellow | Patient Weight: < 30-50 kgs
  • 5, Red | Patient Weight: < 50-70 kgs
  • 5, Purple | Patient Weight: < 70-100 kgs

See for yourself how easily the air-Q is to use. Contact us for a demonstration, or to learn more about the air-Q® Standard and the air-Q® Family, please email us or call 888-891-1200.

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[1] Nilofar Massoudi,1 Mohammad Fathi,1 Navid Nooraei,2 and Alireza Salehi11Clinical Research and

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