Defend 1050, Defend 900 and Defend 200 Portable Air Disinfection Units by WellAir

The Portable Air Disinfection Units from WellAir use ultra-low energy plasma nanotechnology to inactivate viruses and bacteria, creating an ecosystem for healthy indoor air.

ItemDescription UOM
NV200Portable Airborne Infection Protection Unit-SmallEACH
NV900Portable Airborne Infection Protection Unit-LargeEACH
NV900StandNV900 Support StandEACH
NV900TowerNV900 High Tower StandEACH
NV1050Portable Airborne Infection Protection Unit on Wheels with Multiple Filters-LargeEACH
NV-ScensorsAdd-On Sensor Package (3 sensors)EACH
1050-Pre FilterPre Filter(1) for NV1050 Large portable AIP on WheelsEACH
1050-Carbon FilterCarbon Filter(1) for NV1050 Large portable AIP on WheelsEACH
1050-HEPA FilterHEPA Filter for NV1050 Large portable AIP on WheelsEACH
1050-Filter Package Year OneYear One Filter Bundle(x3 Pre+ x2 Carbon)EACH
1050-Filter Package Additional YearsAdditional Years Bundle(x1 HEPA + x4 Pre + x3 Carbon)EACH
NV200 Ext. WarrantyExtended Warranty for NV200-PER UNITEACH
NV900 Ext. WarrantyExtended Warranty for NV900-PER UNITEACH
NV1050 Ext. WarrantyExtended Warranty for NV1050-PER UNITEACH