New Pneumotrac Spirometer with Spirotrac software by Vitalograph

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Item IDDescriptionU/M
Diagnostic Workstations / Spirometry / ECG
77701Pneumotrac with Spirotrac 5 SoftwareEACH
77901Pneumotrac with Spirotrac 6 SoftwareEACH
70901Upgrade to the Spirotrac 6 SoftwareEACH
41303Add-on 12 lead Electrocardiograph (ECG) Wireless BluetoothEACH
41301ECG Electrodes30/PK
70453Pulse Oximeter – USBEACH
70401Fingerprint Biometric ID Module – USBEACH
67801COMPACT Expert Diagnostic WorkstationEACH
20979Hardsided attached style case for Compact Expert.EACH
67179WiFi Dongle for Compact ExpertEACH
65001Alpha SpirometerEACH
65501Alpha Touch SpirometerEACH
65601Alpha Touch Spirometer with Spirotrac V SoftwareEACH
66149Thermal Printer Paper5/PK
Spirometry Software Options
65030Vitalograph Reports SoftwareEACH
70601Spirotrac V Software with LicenseEACH
70201Spirotrac V Networking License Pack5/PK
70750Spirotrac UpgradeEACH
70454Spirotrac V EMR HL7 Connectivity KitEACH
70203Spirotrac V Annual Tech Support and Upgrade LicenseEACH
Hand-help Spirometers
79401In2itive Spirometer with Vitalograph Reports Software and USB CradleEACH
79167In2itive USB CradleEACH
79001In2itive Spirometer with Spirotrac V Software & USB CradleEACH
79165In2itive Test Data Storage Card (microSD)EACH
79158In2itive Flow Cone (pkg 10)10/PK
79166In2itive Stylus (2)2/PK
63301Vitalograph micro SpirometerEACH
79163In2itive and Micro Remote Flow Head KitEACH
Calibration Syringes
36020Precision Calibration Syringe (3 Liter)EACH
29748Adapter – Syringe to KoKo SpirometerEACH
Bacterial Viral Filters
28350 BFV Fits Vitalograph, MIR, Creative Biomedics, CareFusion MicroMedical; 30.4 mm OD; narrow 25mm round mouthpiece; box of 50.50/PK
28365Aqua BFV-MGC Size Fits Medical Graphics (‘Medgraphics’, ‘MGC’); 36.4mm OD; 32mm ID; larger 30mm round mouthpiece50/PK
28768Elliptical Teal Green BVF – KoKo size Same size and specs as 28368 except the filter has an elliptical shaped
mouthpiece for more comfortable fit, and optional usage for a full PFT test
without use of rubber flanged mouthpieces; 48.5mm OD; 45.4mm
28363Clear BVF – Jaeger size50/PK
28368BFV Fits KoKo from nSpire Health; 48.5mm OD; 45.4mm ID; larger 30mm
round mouthpiece
28501Eco BVF Office Spiro Size (100 per box)100/PK
28552Eco BVF PFT Lab Size + Eco Noseclip + Clear Front
Bite-on Mouthpiece (60 per box)
28563Eco BVF PFT Lab Size (100 per box)100/PK
28572Eco BVF and Disposable Nose Clip80/PK
28553Eco BVF with Bite Lip and Disposable Nose Clip75/PK
20303Disposable Noseclips200/PK
28554Eco BVF Office Spiro Size with bite-lip (75 per box)75/PK
28557Eco BVF PFT Lab Size with bite-lip (75 per box)75/PK
29748Adapter, for KoKo Spirometer – makes Office
Spirometer Size Eco-BVF adapt to KoKo or
KoKo Legend Spirometer
29838Adapter, for nSpire CPL or HDpft – makes Office
Spirometer Size Eco-BVF adapt to the GemTach
Flow Sensor
29841Adapter, for Medical Graphics – makes Office
Spirometer Size Eco-BVF adapt to the MCG
PreVent Flow Sensor
29842Adapter, for Medical Graphics – makes PFT
Lab Size Eco-BVF adapt to the MCG PreVent
Flow Sensor
20303Nose Clips (200)200/PK
20989Oval Mouthpiece, Disposable (50)50/PK
20310Bite-On Mouthpieces, Rear, Blue (50)50/PK
20392Bite-On Mouthpieces, Front, White (50)50/PK
20242SafeTway One-way Mouthpieces (200)200/PK
20980Pediatric SafeTway “Mini” Mouthpieces (50)50/PK
29797SafeTway Inspiratory MDI
One-way Mouthpieces (130)
29772SafeTway MDI Training Spacers (150) –
Pediatric Inspiratory One-way Mouthpieces
20201Adult Cardboard Tube Mouthpiece (200)200/PK
29808Adaptor – Vitalograph BVF to nSpire PFTEACH
42084Flow Conditioning Mesh Rings (10)10/PK
62006SPRFlow Head End Cap replacement.EACH
Lung Health Monitoring and Inhaler Training
43602asmaplan Standard Peak Flow MeterEACH
43703asmaplan Child Peak Flow MeterEACH
43950myPEF Peak Flow Meter – Web EnabledEACH
43900myPEF Peak Flow MeterEACH
29805MyPEF adapter for BVF or SafeTwayEACH
40000Asma-1 Electronic Asthma MonitorEACH
40065Asma-1 Child VersionEACH
40400Asma-1 USB VersionEACH
40300Asma-1 BTEACH
40550Lung MonitorEACH
40700Lung Monitor USBEACH
40372Lung Monitor BT SmartEACH
40201Copd-6 ScreenerEACH
40451Copd-6 USBEACH
40350Copd-6 BTEACH
40426Developers Kit Model 4000EACH
40168Plastic Mouthpiece (for model 4000)20/PK
45710AIM – Aerosol Inhalation MonitorEACH
45610Disposable DPI Inhaler Simulator (25)25/PK
45611Disposable MDI inhaler Simulator (25)25/PK
45027Placebo Aerosol Canister (Box of 8)8/PK
45614AIM Starter KitEACH
Smoking Cessation
40500Lung Age MeterEACH
29750BreathCO Carbon Monoxide MonitorEACH
29512T-Valves for BreathCO to be changed
every 50 tests (10)
29506Calibration Gas RefillEACH
20202Disposable Mini Mouthpieces (400) Fits BreathCO400/PK
29507Regulator with TubingEACH
Training & Installation Services
VUSS0011 Hour Webinar Training SessionEACH
VUSS0021-Day On-Site Training SessionPer Day
VUSS003Installation – LocalPer Hour
VUSS004Installation – NetworkedPer Hour
Service Parts
65055Alpha and Alpha Touch Power SupplyEACH
42029SPRTwin tube for Pneumotrac and AlphaEACH
79192Twin tube for Int2itive and AIMEACH
60062Pneumotrac Service KitEACH
62006SPRFlow Head End CapEACH
41291Bluetooth DongleEACH
79159In2itive Power SupplyEACH
79191In2itive Spare Flow headEACH
79177In2itive Rubber Grommets (2)EACH

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