The USDA indicates that people fail to correctly wash their hands 97% of the time[1].

Studies show that people may not sanitize their hands because the dispenser is empty or they may not count the 20 seconds needed to kill harmful microorganisms. The most common areas missed during hand sanitation are the fingertips and nails[2].


The HandyBOX UV-C Hand Sanitizer is a safe, quick, touch-free way to clean hands and other small objects by killing microorganisms at the cellular level in seconds. Clinically proven to provide 99.9% sanitation efficacy in three seconds, the HandyBOX kills germs without messy and costly gels and alcohol refills that leave behind a residue

Four UV-C lamps provide exposure on all sides for thorough sanitation. UV-C light is safely absorbed by the dead skin layer and doesn’t penetrate the dermis or epidermis. Lamps are recessed within the box to prevent unintended exposure and are coated to ensure consistent output and effectiveness.

Handy UV-C Hand Sanitizers feature a sensor to turn the UV lamp on when an object is placed inside the box. A digital dosing countdown timer shows users how many seconds have passed to ensure proper sanitation.

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Handy UV-C Independent Lab Test Results