true costs of failed intubations through the cords

More than 1.2 million intubations per year in the U.S. require three or more attempts in the operating room setting. This becomes even more complicated with emergent intubations in the ED and ICU, of which there are 3 million per year in the U.S.

Multiple failed intubation attempts increase the risk of death or injury to patients. In fact, more than 1 million complications and 25,000 deaths each year are due to failed intubations, costing hospitals more than $6 billion annually.

It can be hard to predict which patients will have a difficult airway before an intubation attempt, especially in emergent situations.

It is imperative clinicians have access to tools that help ensure first-pass success on every intubation. Successful first-pass intubations are critical to positive patient outcomes.


Through the Cords designed the Total Control Introducer to reduce the risk of first-pass intubation failure for video-assisted intubation in emergency airways.

With the introducer’s flexible shaft and articulating tip, clinicians can easily maneuver and precisely control the device at the vocal cord level. The intuitive, color-coded markings provide depth control to ensure the device is safely placed. The Total Control Introducer is a disposable product that can be easily stored in potential high-risk areas and immediately available for unanticipated difficult airways.

Click here to review a recent study showing the intubation success rate while using the Total Control Introducer.

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moving total control introducer


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