Death rate for patients with a major complication after two attempts was 40%

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published a study that confirms the importance of first-pass intubation success in critically ill patients. The study found a higher incidence of adverse events associated with multiple intubation attempts, and a corresponding higher incidence of death rate.

The international observational study screened 3659 critically ill patients from 197 sites across 29 countries.

The Findings

  • The rate of major peri-intubation events such as hypoxemia and cardiovascular instability was significantly higher with second and third-pass intubation attempts (first: 43.2% vs second: 51.5% vs. third: 58%).
  • The death rate for patients with a major complication after one intubation attempt was 25%.
  • The death rate for patients with a major complication after two intubation attempts was 40%.

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First-pass intubation success is critical for critically ill patients. Failed attempts mean more complications and more complications mean death.

Optimize First-Attempt Success with the Total Control Introducer

A recent consecutive case study confirmed the effectiveness of using the Total Control Introducer with video laryngoscopy for first-pass success in difficult intubations.

The first-pass success rate using the Total Control Introducer + video laryngoscopy was 94% compared to other techniques with an 85-88% success rate.

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Total Control Introducer: Precision Tracheal Access

The Total Control Introducer was specifically designed for video-assisted intubation in high-risk patients. The TCI is an innovative articulating introducer with a flexible shaft and controllable tip enabling dynamic navigation and precision tracheal access. It is a cost-effective rescue tool in the event of failed intubation or anticipated difficult airway.

moving total control introducer

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