sea-long helmet hyperbaric chamber and neck seal

The Non-Invasive Oxygen Treatment Hood from Sea-Long Medical is for Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation in the treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Click Here to learn more.

Item ID Item Description U/M
PN5000 One-Piece Non-Latex Neckseal & Large Port Hood Set EACH
PN5022 One-Piece Non-Latex Neckseal & Large No Port Hood Set EACH
PN5025 One-Piece Non-Latex Neckseal & Small Port Hood Set EACH
PN5035 One-Piece Non-Latex Neckseal & Small No Port Hood Set EACH
PN149 Corrugated Tubing, 6’x2 EACH
PN522 Clips for NIV Hood and Neck Seal 4/PK
PN154 Bacterial/Viral Filter(22mm) EACH
PN545 Hood Straps 2/PK
PN121 90-Degree Elbow adapter EACH
PN8505 22mm to 7mmx3 O2 adapter EACH