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For years anesthesiologists have used disposable foam head cradles to aid in airway management procedures. Disposable head cradles contribute to recurring costs for hospitals and are environmentally unfriendly.

The Troop Vinyl Covered Head Cradle is an intubation head cradle for normal-sized patients. Benefits of using a Troop Vinyl Covered Head Cradle include:

  • Reduce Hospital Costs
    • Pays for itself after approximately 12 patient uses
  • Reusable
    • Use hundreds of times for multiple patients
    • Recommend covering with a small surgical drape or a surgical towel for added protection
  • Washable
    • Clean using standard cleaning supplies such as Virex, Fantastik or Formula 409
  • Reduce Environmental Foam Waste

The Troop Vinyl Covered Head Cradle can also be used with the Troop Elevation Pillow, an airway management positioner for intubating obese patients.

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Troop Elevation Pillow