The prevalence of mass casualty incidents the past couple years has created a stronger need for communities to stay prepared, but disaster preparedness can be costly and many may not have the resources they need to stay prepared.

Fortunately, there are many funding opportunities available to help communities afford the necessary tools needed to aid when disaster strikes, such as a mobile morgue trailer.

The Mobile Morgue Trailer from Hazmat Medical Associates was designed for instances where a morgue facility is over capacity due to a mass casualty incident, under renovation or experiencing a cooler outage due to weather. To learn where you can receive funding for a morgue trailer, please click here for a list of potential grants designed to aid in disaster preparedness.

Mobile Morgue Trailer

To learn more about the Mobile Morgue Trailer contact MED Alliance Group, an authorized sales partner for Hazmat Medical Associates. Please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected with your local representative.


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