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Troop Elevation Pillow by Mercury Medical

Improve Neck and Head Positioning for Airway Management

Facilitate 1st Pass Intubation with the Troop Elevation Pillow

The Troop Elevation Pillow from Mercury Medical assists in positioning obese and large-framed patients for quicker intubation time during intra-op or post-op care. The pillow helps avoid “stacking blankets” to visibly facilitate airway management. The pillow is stable, easy to set up, and available in disposable and reusable models.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • Predictable result
  • Improved ease-of-breathing
  • Higher pre-oxygenation level
  • Longer time to desaturation
  • Complements DL or video laryngoscopy
  • Facilitates 1st pass successful intubation
  • The shorter the time to intubation, the sooner the time to incision

Cost Benefits:

  • Quicker intubation times = Better O.R. time management = Decreased cost
  • HELP avoid a failed intubation, unplanned ICU admission, case cancellation
  • HELP avoid just one bad airway outcome = PRICELESS


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