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Mobile Trailers

Mobile Trailers for Disaster Response

When a hazardous material or mass casualty incident occurs, being prepared is the key to responding. Hazmat Medical Associates’ mobile trailers make responding to an incident faster and more manageable. Our trailers are affordable, reliable and quality-built in the USA.

  • Mobile Decontamination Trailers
  • Mobile Morgue Trailers


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Mobile Decontamination Trailers

  • 12’x8′ unit
  • Two-lane shower system with three zones per lane
  • Two shower heads and two hand wands
  • Built-in lighting
  • Roll-up doors with deadbolt locks
  • External drains
  • Direct hot and cold hookups
  • Gas forced air heat (optional)
  • Custom-built aluminum flatbed trailer with hitch and fold-down ramps on either end, making the unit wheelchair accessible (optional).

Mobile Morgue Trailers

  • Size
    • For Purchase: 8’x8’x16 dual-axle trailer
    • For Rent: 8’x8’x24′ pod
  • Stainless steel body trays
    • For Purchase: 20
    • For Rent: 24
  • Electric generator
  • Two 50′ shorelines
  • Shoreline connection
  • Fold-up/down racks
  • Front wall-mounted refrigerator

To learn more about Hazmat Medical Associates’ mobile trailers, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.


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