Mobile Trailers

Mobile Trailers for Disaster Response

When a hazardous material or mass casualty incident occurs, being prepared is the key to responding. Purchasing or renting a mobile trailer makes responding to an incident faster and more manageable. Our trailers are affordable, reliable and quality-built.

  • Mobile Morgue Trailers
  • Mobile Decontamination Trailers


Mobile Morgue Trailers

MED Alliance partners with Paladin, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of purpose-built morgue trailers and portable mortuary surge solutions in North America.

17- to 53-Foot Mobile Morgue Trailers

  • Bumper-Pull (Towed with Most Pick-ups or SUVs)
  • 53-Foot Insulated/Refrigerated Semi-Trailer
  • Maintains 35 °F (1°C) in 110 °F (43°C) Ambient Temperatures
  • Rear Access Ramp
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Aluminum Rolling Racks and Trays

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Mobile Decontamination Trailers

  • 12’x8′ unit
  • Two-lane shower system with three zones per lane
  • Two showerheads and two hand wands
  • Built-in lighting
  • Roll-up doors with deadbolt locks
  • External drains
  • Direct hot and cold hookups
  • Gas forced air heat (optional)
  • Custom-built aluminum flatbed trailer with hitch and fold-down ramps on either end, making the unit wheelchair accessible (optional).

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