The NIOX VERO® from Vitalograph®

NIOX® VERO® – The Gold Standard FeNO Testing Device

Safely and Easily Diagnose, Treat, and Monitor Asthma Patients

FeNO testing is safe and easy with the NIOX VERO from Vitalograph. With two exhalation modes, the NIOX VERO can help clinicians diagnose, treat and monitor asthmatic patients from 4 years old to patients with severely reduced lung function.

NIOX VERO: Accurate. Reliable. Straightforward.

  • The unique NIOX breathing handle is designed with accuracy in mind. Ambient nitric oxide and other contaminants are removed to ensure the exhalation reflects true FeNO level.
  • Flow Rate Control™ guides patients to easily perform a steady exhalation throughout the test, leading to an accurate result each time, every time.
  • The NIOX VERO sensors provide reliable accuracy, never requiring recalibration.
  • Three engaging animations with sound effectively guide patients to a successful test.
  • Simply inhale and exhale to visualize airway inflammation in a single number in less than two minutes at the point of care.

The NIOX VERO comes with a one-year warranty.


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