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The NIOX VERO® from Vitalograph®

NIOX VERO® – The Gold Standard FeNO Testing Device

Safely and Easily Diagnose, Treat, and Monitor Asthma Patients

FeNO testing is safe and easy with the NIOX VERO® from Vitalograph. With two exhalation modes, the NIOX VERO® can help clinicians diagnose, treat and monitor asthmatic patients from 4 years old to patients with severely reduced lung function.

NIOX VERO®: Accurate. Reliable. Straightforward.

  • The unique NIOX® breathing handle is designed with accuracy in mind. Ambient nitric oxide and other contaminants are removed to ensure the exhalation reflects true FeNO level.
  • Flow Rate Control™ guides patients to easily perform a steady exhalation throughout the test, leading to an accurate result each time, every time.
  • The NIOX VERO® sensors provide reliable accuracy, never requiring recalibration.
  • Three engaging animations with sound effectively guide patients to a successful test.
  • Simply inhale and exhale to visualize airway inflammation in a single number in less than two minutes at the point of care.

The NIOX VERO® comes with a one-year warranty.


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