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Tamper Evident Rainbow Trays ™ by Uvamed ®

Deter Drug Diversion

Tamper Evident, Color-Coded Anesthetic Trays for Patient Safety

Tamper Evident Rainbow Trays ™ from Uvamed ® are specifically designed to help in the fight against drug diversion in healthcare facilities. Utilizing the same color-coded anesthetic trays that provide a safe environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anesthetic drugs as Rainbow Trays, Tamper Evident Rainbow Trays offer additional security, safety and accountability with an auditable, tamper-evident label that aids in the chain-of-custody and seals the controlled substance within the transparent tray. Sealed trays are impossible to open or interfere with without leaving evidence of a tamper attempt.

According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 100,000 healthcare workers are abusing or are addicted to narcotics and other prescribed drugs. The need to protect patients from healthcare workers who swap prescribed drugs with saline or other substances continues to rise. Tamper Evident Rainbow Trays can help maintain the integrity of the drug, deter interference and keep patients safe.

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