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StatLock PICC Neonatal Universal Stabilization by BARD

Gentle Securement on Neonatal Skin

Improve Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care

The StatLock PICC Neonatal Universal Stabilization Device is a tape-free stabilization device designed to minimize motion of neonatal PICC single lumen silicone catheters. By minimizing catheter motion and reducing complications, the device increases patient comfort and quality of care.

StatLock Neonatal Stabilization Device Features

  • Ultra-low profile and “footprint” to fit neonate patients
  • Gentle on neonatal skin
  • Minimizes catheter micro-motion
  • Increases patient comfort and safety
  • Reduces needlestick risks to healthcare workers
  • Sterile and latex free
  • Meets the 2006 INS Standards.¹


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For more information about the StatLock Neonatal Stabilization Device, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

¹ “Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice.” Journal of Infusion Nursing. 291S January/February (2006): S44-S62.

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