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Resusa-Tee™ by Mercury Medical

The First and Only Disposable Adult and Child T-Piece Resuscitator

Resusa-Tee: Affordable, disposable t-piece resuscitation for every bedside need

The Resusa-Tee from Mercury Medical is an affordable, disposable device that allows clinicians to deliver consistent ventilation pressure without squeezing a bag. The Resusa-Tee is the first and only disposable adult and child T-Piece Resuscitator with a built-in manometer “on the tee” for convenient, in-line viewing of delivered airway pressure. No capital equipment is needed and clinicians no longer need to squeeze the bag since there is no bag to squeeze.

Resusa-Tee Advantages:

  • In-line PIP Controller with Override Button
    • Allows clinicians to deliver consistent ventilation pressure
    • Allows clinicians to change airway pressure “in-line” and closer to the patient
    • Override button enables pressure above 40 cm H2O only when needed
  • Disposable
    • Reduced chance of cross infection, no cleaning required
    • No capital costs. Affordable for every bedside
    • Space saving
    • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Portable, Built-in, Color Coded Manometer on Tee
    • Convenient in-line viewing, easy to read accurate dial (+/-3 cm H2O up to 15 cm H2O and +/-5 cm H2O above 15 cm H2O)
  • Variable Tactile PEEP Knob
    • Easy-to-turn when increasing or decreasing pressures and stays put at every setting with tactile notches
  • MR Conditional
    • All metal components are phosphorous bronze, enabling clinicians to continue emergency resuscitation in the MR suite
    • MR conditional up to 3 Tesla or less; Spatial Gradient of 3,000 gauss/cm or less
  • Variety of Mask Sizes and Styles
    • Choice of clear anatomical face masks in pediatric, child and adult sizes

Resusa-Tee Specifications:

  • Delivered oxygen concentration
    • Up to 100%
  • Cycling pressure range
    • 0 to 60 cm H2O
  • Dead space – handpiece only
    • ≤ 7.5 ml
  • Expiratory resistance
    • 2.4 cm H2O at minimum PEEP setting @ 60 LPM
  • Inspiratory resistance
    • 2 cm H2O at minimum PEEP setting @ 60 LPM
  • Input gas flow range
    • Minimum 5 LPM
    • Maximum 35 LPM
  • Integral patient circuit manometer accuracy
    • Up to 15 cm H2O +/- 3 cm H2O
    • Greater than 15 cm H2O +/- 5cm H2O
  • Maximum pressure on controller
    • 60 cm H2O +/- 5 cm H2O @ 35 LPM
  • Operation time
    • Full E cylinder @ 660 liters @ 35 LPM – 19 minutes
  • Device mass
    • 173 g
  • Patient connection (ISO 5356-1)
    • 15 mm taper female
    • 22 mm taper male
  • PIP controller connection
    • Mates with fittings that meet CGA 1240 oxygen D.I.S.S. standard

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