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Restore2® by endOclear®

Superior Technology for the Clearing of Endotracheal Tubes

Cleaner Airways, Fewer Vent Days™

The endOclear® Restore2™ device was designed to be effective in restoring the lumen of endotracheal tubes to nominal when utilized in regular daily protocols or targeted patient approaches. This device features a rounded tip and a patented wiper that removes what suctioning leaves behind. The collection adapter allows the device to remain a closed circuit during secretion removal. The Restore device comes with graduated markings in order to customize the device to patient-specific needs.

The Restore2™ Clinical Advantage:

“The device has a unique wiper action and the capacity to return the ETT function to essentially nominal or normal with one application.”¹

“Partial occlusion due to secretion accumulation is ubiquitous and recklessly ignored, with an average estimated loss of intraluminal ETT volume of between 9 and 15%.”²

Recommended Uses for endOclear® Restore2™:

  • Prior to spontaneous breathing trial
  • Remove thick secretions that suctioning leaves behind
  • When acute increases in airway pressure occur
  • Prior to bronchoscopy
  • Prior to tracheostomy
  • Prior to ET tube exhchange


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Product Code Description Quantity
01-EC-350-0001 Restore2™ with Collection Adaptor 10/bx
01-EC-BCA-2 Restore™ Accessory Collection Adaptor Only 10/bx

For more information about the endOclear® Restore2™ device, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

¹ Waters, et al. American Society for Microbiology, ICAAC, 2011
² Mietto C., et. al., Removal of Endotracheal Tube Obstruction With a Secretion Clearance Device, Respir Care 2014;59(9):e122-e126

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