Rescuer II Compact CPAP System by Solutions in Critical Care

Rescuer II Compact CPAP System

Provide Maximum Patient Benefits with Minimum Oxygen Consumption

The Rescuer II Compact CPAP System was designed to deliver optimal FiO2 levels while conserving oxygen resources. Known as the disposable CPAP with the lowest oxygen consumption, the Rescuer II is also the only disposable CPAP with an inspiratory/expiratory filter for infection control. With multi-function access ports, the Rescuer II is cost-efficient, easy-to-use and delivers maximum patient results.

Rescuer II Compact CPAP System Features

  • Lowest Oxygen Consumption of Any Disposable CPAP: 5-10 Lpm
  • Inspiratory/Expiratory HEPA Filter for Infection Control
  • Port for Oxygen Tubing Connection to Boost FiO2
  • Port for Nebulizer Tubing Connection to Deliver Medications
  • Calibrated Pressure Manometer
  • Low Cost to Buy and Operate


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