Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ Spirometer

Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ – The Ideal PC-Based Spirometer

Attractive, Compact Design Complete with Software

Pneumotrac is a sophisticated PC-based spirometer for adult and pediatric use within general healthcare and occupational health. Pneumotrac is supplied complete with the sophisticated and intuitive Vitalograph Spirotrac® software that provides real-time curves, interpretation and data trending. No calibration is required and no need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes.

Features Include

  • Durable measurement technology
  • Optimal hygiene via Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters
  • Provides data collection, storage and trend analysis
  • The latest GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-scores
  • Integrated HL7 and GDT communication for interfacing with all common electronic medical record systems


For more information about Pneumotrac by Vitalograph, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.