Non-Invasive Oxygen Treatment Hood by Sea-Long Medical Systems

Sea-Long Non-Invasive Oxygen Treatment Hood

FDA Class 2 Certified for COVID-19

The Non-Invasive Oxygen Treatment Hood from Sea-Long Medical is intended for Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV) to treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Compared to intubation and machine ventilation, non-invasive ventilation hoods are proven to shorten recovery time in patients with ARDS. The hood delivers pressurized oxygen-rich air to help patients breathe easier, minimizing dependence on traditional ventilators. Patients are awake, able to speak, cough safely and do not require sedation. In addition to helping raise patient airway pressure and FiO2, the hood gives caregivers added protection from contagions. The device can be used on adult or pediatric patients in an Intensive Care Unit or EMS setting.

Key Features

  • The two-piece design allows access to the airway in under 10 seconds
  • Medical-grade plastic and vinyl are 100% MRI compatible
  • Four 22mm ports – two on the neck ring and two on the hood
  • Sealable service port
  • Latex, non-latex and pre-cut neck seal options are available
  • Patented replaceable neck seal is designed for patient comfort
  • Can be used with most ventilators, Bi-Pap, CPAP, wall air and O2


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