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Naso-Flo® by Mercury Medical®

Naso-Flo Nasopharyngeal Airway Device

Efficient, Direct Oxygen Delivery Into The Pharynx

The Naso-Flo® is a nasopharyngeal airway device that allows for direct connection to an oxygen source. Each Naso-Flo® device is manufactured with soft, silicone material designed for reducing the risk of traumatic insertions. Each device features humidification vents that allow for heat or moisture transfer on inhalation. Color-coded elbows aid in the correct size selection. An optional filtered respiratory indicator is available for each size, allowing for detection of CO2 from the distal tip. A ventilation adapter is available for connection between the device and a breathing system. The Naso-Flo® reduces the need for an oxygen mask, allowing for a cost-effective solution while allowing improved the visibility of the patient’s oral cavity.

Naso-Flo® Color-Coded Sizing:

  • White: 4.0mm, 18FR
  • Yellow: 5.0mm, 22FR
  • Green: 6.0mm, 25FR
  • Orange: 7.0mm, 29FR
  • Red: 8.0mm, 32FR
  • Purple: 9.0mm, 36FR


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