N95 Adhesive Respirator by Alliant Biotech

N95 Adhesive Respirator

Breathe Easy and Stay Protected with Strapless N95 Masks

These strapless respirators have several key benefits to traditional N95 masks. With NIOSH approval & coverage under the FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), Alliant Biotech N95 respirators are designed to protect you from airborne particles. Enjoy the peace of mind of not dealing with annoying ear straps, marks on your nose & leaks in the side of your current mask.

Easy to apply.
The medical-grade adhesive requires a clean-shaven face for optimal results. The adhesive can be reapplied after sipping a beverage or eating a meal.

Works all day.
Enjoy a comfortable pocket of air that the mask provides. The form of the mask is designed to give you an uninterrupted pocket of air which is ideal for long work shifts or long-distance travel. The Alliant Biotech N95 mask helps you breathe easy while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with protection from airborne illness.

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