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LYNX Venturi Oxygen Delivery System by Aeon

LYNX Venturi Delivers Precise 24% to 100% Oxygen

Administer a Full Range of Precise Oxygen Delivery with One System

Ideal for both EMS and hospital oxygen delivery, the LYNX Venturi Oxygen Delivery System from Aeon provides continuity of care from the ambulance to the emergency room and on to the recovery floor. The LYNX Venturi delivers between 2% – 5% FiO2 variance from the desired setting, helping to prevent complications from excessive oxygen delivery.  The LYNX Venturi adapter replaces multiple Venturi adapters while delivering high-precision oxygen therapy. The device is user-friendly for caregivers, offering full control of the FiO2 percentage delivery based on patient needs. This three-in-one oxygen system can be used to treat from mild to severe hypoxia, allowing healthcare providers the opportunity to consolidate oxygen devices, saving time, space and money.


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