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iTClamp® by Innovative Trauma

iTClamp Controls Bleeding in Seconds

iTClamp is Your Hemorrhage Control Solution

The iTClamp is a trauma clamp device that stops bleeding immediately. The device is an alternative to direct pressure and other treatments, freeing the hands of healthcare providers to focus on other primary treatments and transport.

Take the Emergency Out of Bleeding

The iTClamp is a bleeding control device with proven effectiveness that stops bleeding immediately and is safe and easy to use.

The device is FDA cleared for temporary bleeding control and can be used on the scalp, neck, extremities, groin and axilla areas.

The clamp seals the edges of a wound closed to create a stable clot and stop blood loss until the wound can be surgically repaired. The iTClamp requires minimal staff training and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. It is ideal for first-aid, self-aid, active shooter and mass casualty scenarios.

The device can remain in place for complete patient workup, including CT scans.


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Product Code Description Quantity
9100-US-EN iTClamp™50 Sterile Product 10/bx
9200-US-EN iTClamp™50 Non-Sterile Training Device 10/bx
4001 Professional Skin Pad EACH
4003-US-EN Training Kit (contents below) EACH
4020-US-EN Small Training Kit (contents below) EACH

Benefits of Using the iTClamp

Research shows the iTClamp to be superior to wound packing in terms of patient survival, survival time and total blood loss*. Additional benefits include:

  • Provides hands-free alternative during patient treatment and transport
  • Minimizes vehicle clean up
  • Requires minimal staff training
  • Causes minimal patient pain
  • Can remain in place for complete patient workup, including CT scans
  • Can be applied by techs and nurses

*Filips D, Logsetty S, Tan J et al. The iTClamp controls junctional bleeding in a lethal swine exsanguination model. Prehospital Emergency Care. 2013;17:526–532.

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