RFID-Enabled Medication Inventory Management

Smart, Fast, Accurate Medication Management

IntelliGuard™ Intelligent Inventory Solutions utilizes patented and exclusive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to help healthcare facilities track, trace and manage medications efficiently and effectively. Thousands of medications can be counted in seconds with 99.99% accuracy, removing human error and enabling automated workflows. Utilizing secure, cloud-based technology, the IntelliGuard suite of solutions offers full control and visibility of all hospital supply chain medications, enabling 340B eligibility and compliance.

Benefits of Implementing IntelliGuard

  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve charge capture
  • Realize labor and time savings for managing medications
  • Manage drug shortages, expired and recalled products
  • Mitigate diversion
  • Streamline medication reconciliation in the pharmacy
  • 340B compliance and accuracy
  • Improve overall medication management processes
  • Return on investment in less than a year

The IntelliGuard Suite of Products

  • Pharmacy: RFID-enabled kit and tray processing
  • Anesthesia: RFID-facilitated anesthesia smart carts
  • Smart Cabinets: RFID-equipped controlled temperature cabinets
  • Insights: Data aggregation platform with predictive analytics


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IntelliGuard Pharmacy

IntelliGuard Pharmacy

  • RFID-enabled kit and tray processing system that improves speed, efficiency and patient safety
  • Scan 1000 medications in seven seconds with 99.99% accuracy for fast and accurate inventory replenishment and tray management
  • Ability to optimize inventory, manage shortages and recalls, and reduce the cost of held inventory across the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Reduce errors by eliminating the need to manually scan every single drug
  • Access to an immediate and comprehensive survey of all medications within the health system
  • Quickly prepare for audits with reports that highlight critical information
IntelliGuard Anesthesia

IntelliGuard Anesthesia

  • Houses all medications, including controlled substances, in locked drawers with secured access
  • Automatically tracks every transaction and dispensed narcotic, providing controlled substance reconciliation, saving time while enhancing security
  • Eliminate human error with 99.99% accuracy, ensuring no medication ever goes missing and that providers will always have what they need when they need it
  • Designed by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists, enabling providers to focus on their patients and not medication management
IntelliGuard Smart Cabinets

IntelliGuard Smart Cabinets

  • Store and dispense cold (2 – 8°C) and controlled-room (20 – 25°C) temperature medication
  • Provides real-time temperature monitoring  and visibility of pharmaceutical stock
  • Quickly find and remove expired or recalled medication, and identify shortages to avoid stock-outs that put patients at risk
  • Confidently reduce inventory and pre-paid inventory costs
  • Increased security with access control and real-time visibility to user transactions
  • Receive actionable alerts and reports from the web-based IntelliGuard Portal
IntelliGuard Insights

IntelliGuard Insights

  • A powerful analytics engine that transforms pharmacy inventory data into a strategic business intelligence platform
  • Offers customized dashboards, reports, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, forecasting and supply chain optimization
  • Enables optimized inventory, improved cash flow and increased workflow efficiency
  • Easily create reports and share critical insights with management
  • Secure web access anytime, anywhere

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