Grip-Lok® by TIDI

Catheter, Tube and Line Securement

Reduce Patient Discomfort with Grip-Lok®

Grip-Lok® is a cost-effective engineered stabilization and securement device made of soft, breathable material that is strong enough to lock catheters, lines and tubes securely in place, yet versatile enough for almost any securement situation. With a combination of gentle adhesives and hook-and-loop technology, the low profile is intended to reduce patient discomfort.

Multiple Sizes and Shapes for Various Securement Uses

  • Arterial Catheter Securement
  • Foley Catheter Securement
  • Gastric Hydrocolloid Securement
  • Nasal Gastric Securement
  • PICC Securement
  • Peripheral IV Securement
  • General Securement


Grip-Lok ® is packaged sterile, allowing you to use Grip-Lok ® close to the insertion site or right in the sterile field.


Grip-Lok ® is applied in the same simple manner as a bandage and can be easily placed and adjusted.


Durably engineered, Grip-Lok ® helps prevent dislodgement and migration of the catheter. This can help reduce lost lines and patient discomfort.


Product 2100ANG

Product 2100NGH

Product 3300M

Product 3300MIV

Product 3300MWA

Product 3400LFC

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