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AnapnoGuard Cuffill by Mercury Medical

Accurate Cuff Pressure Control Made Easy

Enhance Patient Safety by Minimizing Human Error with AnapnoGuard Cuffill

Maintaining the correct cuff pressure is vital to patient safety. Although several methods can be used to maintain appropriate pressure, studies have concluded that overinflation continues to occur in 50% of cuffs. Cuff overinflation may lead to tracheal tissue trauma while underinflation can lead to ventilator-associated events. Clinicians can have confidence that the AnapnoGuard Cuffill is an accurate solution for measuring pressure and volume of airway cuffs. The AG Cuffill is a pocket-size, syringe-like device designed to enhance patient safety by minimizing human error while measuring and inflating airway cuffs.

AG Cuffill Highlights:

  • 10 cc Volume
  • Measurement Range 0-99 (cmH20)
  • Measurement Accuracy ±2 (cmH20)
  • Disposable, Enables 100 Measurements
  • FDA and CE Approved


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