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CPR-2 Resuscitation Bags by Mercury Medical

Positive Pressure Ventilation and Self-Inflating Bags

Oxygen Source is Not Required for Ventilation

The CPR-2 Resuscitation line are self-inflating resuscitators available in 4 sizes, Adult, Small Adult, Child and Infant, designed with options to help clinicians meet industry guidelines for resuscitation. The bags fill with oxygen or air after being squeezed and can deliver positive pressure ventilation without a compressed gas source. CPR-2 resuscitators are manufactured with new thermoplastic material to provide superior lung compliance “feel” with exceptional responsiveness. The resuscitation bag with color-coded manometer allows for in-line monitoring of both airway and PEEP pressures.

CPR-2 Features and Benefits:• Optional color-coded manometer – Monitors both airway and PEEP pressure

• Fast re-expansion/high breath-per-minute capability
• Latex-free medical grade thermoplastic bag material
• Patient valve detaches to add Omni-Link and Flex-Link tubing that provides greater reach capability *Ideal for neonatal and MRI needs
• Optional CO2 detector accessory
• Optional Exhalation Filter
• Optional PEEP valve and PEEP valve with built-in exhalation filter, both MR conditional up to 3 Tesla


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New CPR-2 Small Adult Bag with LiteSaver Manometer

Easily Deliver the Correct Rate, Volume, and Pressure

The CPR-2 Resuscitation Bag from Mercury Medical helps deliver better patient outcomes with successful ventilation. Larger tidal volumes and ventilation rates delivered with adult size (1600 mL) bags can be associated with over inflation, gastric distention, and regurgitation. Mercury Medical’s self-inflating small adult (1000 mL) bag is easier to squeeze and delivers adequate stroke volume for patients over 30kg, helping clinicians avoid such complications while complying with AHA guidelines. The optional LiteSaver Manometer virtually takes the guesswork out of when to deliver ventilation. In addition to the color-coded manometer, the integrated timing light adds safety as it assists in reduced breath stacking and helps clinicians maintain the recommended respiratory rate for patients.

A pop-off valve and override clip enable clinicians to use the CPR-2 Resuscitation Bag for pediatrics as well. The small adult size bag helps streamline inventory, saving space and costs by not having to purchase multiple bag sizes.

For more information about the CPR-2 Resuscitation Bags, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-355-9648 or email us.


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