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Contamination Assist Trays by CAT™ MEDICAL

Reduce Area Clean-Up

Contain and Collect Blood and Other Fluids

Contamination Assist Trays from CAT Medical are ideal for Emergency Departments and EMS use when caring for a bleeding patient. Rather than blood spilling onto the gurney, linens and floor, fluids are contained within the disposable PVC material and tray walls and flow into a collection bag.

Why Use Contamination Assist Trays?

Not only do Contamination Assist Trays help protect against exposure to bloodborne pathogens, they also help protect against workplace slips, trips and falls. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the second greatest cause of workplace injury in hospitals is slips, trips and falls.

Contamination Assist Trays:

  • Reduce clean-up cost of laundry, gurney and floor
  • Reduce downtime and turnaround time
  • Increase Emergency Department patient volume and throughput
  • Minimize fluid on floor to improve staff safety
  • Exceed OSHA bloodborne pathogens standards

Product List

Products containing an “A” represent trays with an absorbent pad included.
Products containing a “D” represent trays with a drainage bag included.

Full Body Trauma

  • Trauma CAT D

Head, Foot and Hand Trauma

  • TopCAT A
  • TopCAT D

Chest Trauma

  • Chest Tube Tray D

Leg and Arm Trauma

  • Extremity Tray A
  • Extremity Tray D
  • Debridement Tray A


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