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Cable Jacketz by GFMS, LLC

Housing System for Medical Hoses, Cables and Cords

Help Eliminate Healthcare Facility Trip Hazards

Cable Jacketz from GFMS, LLC were designed to help protect clinical staff and patients from trip hazards created by medical equipment hoses, cables and cords. Medical equipment hoses, cables and cords are deemed one of the top three trip hazards in the hospital environment.¹ There are many documented examples where a healthcare personnel’s foot becomes tangled in cables and hoses while navigating an operating room, resulting in injuries.

Reduce Time Wasted Untangling and Disinfecting Individual Machine Cables and Hoses

Cable Jacketz eliminate a tangled mess of machine cables, cords and hoses. According to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, it costs approximately $25/minute to run an operating room. Untangling cables and hoses of a downed piece of equipment to bring in a back-up, or to move a machine to a different operating room can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, Cable Jackets can save hospital personnel time and enhance infection control by eliminating the tedious task of disinfecting each cable or hose from connector to connector after each procedure. Personnel can instead wipe down one surface, the Cable Jacketz’ antibacterial, microbial resistant cover.


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Benefits of Cable Jacketz:

  • Eliminates trip hazards created by a web of hoses, cables and cords
  • Available in custom-sized lengths and diameters for each operating room’s specific set-up
  • Saves valuable time by creating a consolidated and streamlined housing for the hoses, cables and cords
  • Keeps the hoses, cables and cords clean and secure against wear and damage caused by being left exposed
  • Cable Jacketz’ materials are antibacterial/microbial resistant, therefore contributing to infection control
  • Helps eliminate the unsightly mess created by hoses, cables and cords
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps with shrinkage and loss prevention
  • Only one surface to wipe down instead of multiple
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