Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™) by Vitalograph®

Validated 99.999% Cross-Contamination Efficiency

Infection Control for Inspiratory and Expiratory Spirometry Testing

Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™) by Vitalograph® use an electrostatically charged material that traps expectorated matter, bacteria and viruses for highly effective protection against cross-contamination. The single-use filters also support productivity in pulmonary function testing by reducing the time spent cleaning and decontaminating test equipment. Multiple product codes are available to fit a wide range of industry spirometers.

Benefits Include

  • Protects subject against cross-infection
  • Protects spirometer against cross-contamination
  • Validated 99.999% cross-contamination efficiency for both bacteria and viruses
  • Low expiratory flow impedance
  • Low effective dead space of 65ml as required for lung volume and DLCO testing
  • Efficient at high flow rates and low flow rates


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