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AIM™ by Vitalograph®

Validate Good Inhalation Technique

Simulator Provides Clear Feedback and Support

The AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor) by Vitalograph® is designed to assist clinicians in training patients to correctly use their inhaler. The correct technique supports accurate drug delivery, good patient compliance and better disease management. The AIM uses a hygienic, single-use disposable inhaler simulator to support correct technique regarding:

  • Inspiratory acceleration at start of inspiration
  • Timing of firing of MDI/activation of DPI
  • Inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration
  • Inhalation time without target flow range
  • Breath-hold time at end of inhalation

Benefits Include

  • Validates effective use of an inhaler
  • Identifies the correct choice of inhaler device type
  • Identifies and quantifies poor inhaler technique
  • Provides clear feedback and instructions to patient and trainer
  • Provides summary results


For more information about AIM by Vitalograph, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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