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Did You Know: Approximately 7,000 children die each year due to dosing errors.1

During critical times, healthcare providers must think on their feet, especially when dosing a pediatric patient. This usually involves doing math in their heads while under extreme stress and time constraints. Even with extensive training and repetition of these calculations, errors can still occur, leading to critical and fatal dosing errors.

A Seattle Children’s Hospital nurse of 24 years made such a mistake. Instead of dosing her pediatric patient 0.14 grams, a 10x overdose of 1.4 grams was given2– a simple but deadly miscalculation.

Pediatric patients are three times more likely to fall victim to an accidental critical dosing error.3 Taking care of smaller patients can be tricky when dealing with dosages because even the smallest medication error can have terrible consequences.

According to a study conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, approximately 92% of the doctors questioned admitted they have come close to a near miss, minor error or serious error, and 57% claimed to have made a serious mistake in their medical career.2

Medical professionals aren’t exempt from human error, but fortunately there are devices on the market designed to help reduce critical dosing errors.

Autoinjectors are a popular FDA-approved device for treating anaphylaxis, but most common 0.15 mg autoinjectors are appropriate for use in patients who are 15-30 kg and are not indicated for use with patients under 15 kg.

Certa Dose EPI KitThe Epinephrine Convenience Kit from Certa Dose® allows for precise epinephrine dosing for anaphylaxis from neonate to 0.3mg. Each kit features an FDA-cleared syringe labeled with easy-to-recognize color zones that match a widely adopted standard pediatric color coding system for weight. The Certa Dose syringe gives clinicians confidence when administering critical medications.

Each kit contains:

  • Epinephrine 1 mg/mL Vial
  • 2 x Certa Dose ® 0.3 mL Syringe, Permanent Needle, 29G x 1/2″
  • Epinephrine Package Insert
  • IFU Certa Dose ® 0.3 mL Syringe

To learn more about the Certa Dose® Epinephrine Convenience Kit, please email us or call 888-891-1200 to be connected with your local MED Alliance Group sales representative.

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