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MED Alliance Group is excited to partner with GFMS, LLC, the manufacturer of Cable Jacketz. Cable Jacketz are a housing system for medical equipment hoses, cables and cords designed to help eliminate healthcare personnel and patient trip hazards. Cable Jacketz also assist in infection control efforts and eliminate the time-consuming task of untangling cords when equipment is moved.

“Cable Jacketz are another example of the quality solutions MED Alliance offers to our clinical customers,” said MED Alliance VP of Sales Mike Schroeder. “This product saves hospitals time and money so they can get back to doing what they do best, caring for patients.”

Medical equipment hoses, cables and cords have been deemed one of the top three trip hazards in the hospital.1 There are many documented examples of staff injuries due to their foot getting caught in cables and hoses while navigating the operating room. Cable Jacketz provide an opportunity to house all hoses, cables and cords in one concise sleeve and out of the way of healthcare staff.

Medical hoses, cables and cords can provide an opportunity for exposure to hospital acquired infections and community-based infections in patients and staff. Cable Jacketz can assist with infection control. When hoses, cables and cords are covered with the antibacterial, microbial resistant Cable Jacketz housing system, healthcare personnel have only one surface to disinfect instead of multiple, tangled cords and cables which can be time consuming and tedious.

Cable Jacketz help reduce the time it takes to untangle cables and hoses of a downed piece of equipment to bring in a back-up, or to move a machine to a different operating room. This can be expensive and time consuming, as it costs approximately $25/minute to run an operating room.1

Founded in June 2011, GFMS, LLC is a Michigan-based company that has made it their mission to provide superior products to healthcare providers so that they may enhance patient quality of care and impact financial and operational outcomes.

To learn more about Cable Jacketz, please email us or call 888-891-1200.

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