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Inscope LogoMED Alliance Group is excited to announce its new partnership with Inscope Medical Solutions, the manufacturer of the Inscope™ Direct suction laryngoscope. The Inscope™ Direct enables clinicians to quickly remove secretions with two integrated suction ports, allowing a continuously clear view of the vocal cords and easy endotracheal tubes placement.

It is important for clinicians to clear all secretions before intubating a patient. The Inscope™ Direct laryngoscope supplies medical providers with a durable, convenient, controllable suction tool to safely prepare before placing the endotracheal tube. The Inscope™ Direct is a single-use device, eliminating risk for cross-contamination.

“Using the Inscope™ Direct is addicting. It’s easy to use and the controllable suction in the mouth throughout procedures keeps the right hand free to focus on passing the endotracheal tube,” said Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mary Nan Mallory. “Being able to easily suction while starting and throughout the intubation process is a game changer – it makes the first view a clear view, simplifying direct laryngoscopy every time.”*

In June 2017, the device was named a JEMS 2017 Hot Product at the EMS Today Conference. The award is presented to products that are innovative, practical and improve providers’ ability to deliver optimal emergency care safely, more efficiently and with enhanced patient comfort.

“Inscope provides a unique solution to the market with its integrated suction,” said Mike Schroeder, Vice President of Sales at MED Alliance. “This is exactly the kind of innovative product we strive to offer our customers.”

Based in Indiana, Inscope Medical Solutions was founded in 2014 and is focused on developing low cost, disposable, and connected medical devices.

The idea for Inscope™ Direct was born of two physicians’ need to better care for a patient. Dr. Mary Nan Mallory and resident Dr. Thomas Cunningham were treating a car accident patient one night in the ER. Like many trauma patients, this patient had a lot of fluid in his airway and Dr. Cunningham could not get a clear view of the vocal cords to insert the endotracheal tube. The physician was stuck juggling between the laryngoscope, yankauer suction, and the endotracheal tube to get a clear view. In that moment of frustration, Dr. Mallory and Dr. Cunningham knew there had to be a more streamlined way to intubate patients: the idea of a laryngoscope with integrated and controllable suction was conceived.

MED Alliance Group is dedicated to partnering with manufacturers and distributors offering high quality, cost-effective and innovative medical devices that improve patient care. We are proud to add Inscope Medical Solutions to our portfolio of manufacturing partners.

Learn more about the Inscope™ Direct.


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