Patients in the NICU are extremely fragile. The care you provide greatly impacts their chance of survival and their chance at a strong and healthy life. MED Alliance Group knows how instrumental you are as a care provider and offers a comprehensive portfolio of NICU devices designed to enhance patient care and outcomes.

NICU ProductsNeo-Tee from Mercury Medical

The Neo-Tee from Mercury Medical is the world’s first disposable infant t-piece resuscitator made with a built-in, easy-to-read color-coded manometer for convenient, in-line viewing of delivered airway pressure. The Neo-Tee is flow-controlled, and pressure limited with the ability to measure a more consistent, targeted Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) and Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP).

The Neo-Tee is also available with an optional red pressure relief override button for clinicians to override pressures in ranges between 40 – 60 cm H2O during emergency situations whereas some infant patients may require the higher pressure.

The Neo-Tee does not require any capital equipment to purchase, is completely disposable and MR conditional up to 3 Tesla.

The newest of the Neo-Tee product portfolio has a high-range, PEEP knob (orange) that provides more PEEP pressure at lower flows, resulting in reduced oxygen consumption and especially during transport.

TurtleTub from Catapult Products

The TurtleTub from Catapult Products is a swaddle bathing system designed to offer a less stressful form of bathing in the NICU. With the TurtleTub, the baby’s family can engage and help care for the infant, as they would in a typical bathing setting at home.

The TurtleTub swaddle bathing system was designed to mimic the compact environment of the womb with a fleece blanket that has excellent thermal properties. The built-in temperature strip allows the caregiver to conveniently monitor water temperature.

During swaddle bathing, infants exhibit decreased physiologic and motor stress, improved state regulation, less crying and a decrease in temperature loss.

Caregiver from Thermomedics

Designed by the team that invented tympanic thermometry, the Caregiver from Thermomedics is a non-contact clinical grade, FDA-cleared thermometer with TouchFree™ technology designed to measure temperature via the patient’s forehead without direct contact. The Caregiver is desirable for all ages and can be used in a wide variation of medical settings.

Grip-Lok from TIDI

Designed to Lock Your Line

Grip-Lok® securement solutions are a portfolio of versatile adhesive-based devices that promote patient comfort and secure a variety of tubes, lines and catheters.


Neonatal Maximal Barrier Tray from Argon Medical Devices

The Neonatal Maximal Barrier Tray from Argon Medical Devices was designed for the convenience of placing a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) or Midline catheter in a neonatal patient. The tray meets INS Standards, CDC Guidelines, National Patient Safety Goals, NANN Guidelines and the Joint Commission – Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections standards. The tray does not contain DEHP and is not made with natural rubber latex.

Argon Medical Devices also offers neonatal sizes of high-quality PICCs and Midline Catheters made with both polyurethane and silicone material.

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