Abstract Graph410 Medical recently presented simulation data on the performance of the LifeFlow rapid infuser at the Annual College of Emergency Physicians, ACEP17, the largest emergency medicine conference in the world.

The abstract, “A Novel Technique for Improving Fluid Resuscitation in Septic Shock,” compares the LifeFlow rapid infuser to the pressure bag method in simulated pre-hospital and hospital settings.

The results showed total infusion time for 1500 ml was 7.8 minutes for LifeFlow versus 22.8 minutes for pressure bag; that is almost three times faster.

LifeFlow is a hand-operated rapid infuser for critically ill patients who require urgent fluid delivery. Easy to use and intuitive, LifeFlow is intended to allow front-line providers to deliver fluid quickly and efficiently, improving patient care.

Eight registered nurses and six paramedics participated in the septic shock scenario by delivering 500 ml normal saline boluses utilizing either the LifeFlow or pressure bag.

The report concluded that “when compared to pressure bag, use of the LifeFlow device resulted in significantly faster time to completion of the septic shock resuscitation scenario.” The total time to completion for LifeFlow was 1.8 times faster than pressure bag.

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