Successful first-pass intubations are critical to positive patient outcomes. Fifty-five percent of first-pass intubation failures in the emergency setting are due to the inability to direct the endotracheal tube into the trachea despite visualizing the vocal cords.[1]

Video laryngoscopes can help you see around the corner, but they don’t help you actually get there. The Total Control Introducer™ can.

Total Control Introducer™
Precise Navigation, Easier Tracheal Access and Consistent Outcomes

The Total Control Introducer™ by Through the Cords is designed to reduce the risk of first-pass intubation failure for video-assisted intubation in emergency airways. The articulating introducer allows precise navigation for easy tracheal access during difficult intubations.

total control introducer

Detachable Handle

  • Ready for immediate use
  • No need to preload an ET tube before use

Articulating Tip

  • Precise tip control at the vocal cords
  • Easy access into the trachea

Flexible Shaft

  • Conforms to upper airway
  • Suitable for nasal intubations

Intuitive Depth Control System

  • Designed to prevent injury in lower airways

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