“We were using over a year’s supply of isolation gowns in under a week,” said Baptist Health Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management George Godfrey when explaining the challenges during the onset of COVID-19.

As with most healthcare facilities, the immediate need for PPE surged as COVID spread across the country. Supply chain personnel scrambled to ensure their healthcare providers had the protection needed while caring for patients.

Baptist Health looked for a creative way to solve their demand issue on a longer-term basis. They found a reusable isolation gown made by an airbag manufacturer who had repurposed their facilities to create PPE for healthcare facilities. After distributing the gowns to clinicians, they became known as the “Pink Gowns.”

The clinicians loved the gowns. They reported that they felt safe and preferred the more durable fabric.

Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the Pink Gown Story

Manufactured specifically to respond to the global shortage of isolation gowns during COVID-19

  • No reduction in Level 1 barrier performance after 50 washes*
  • Gown material includes woven nylon with silicone coating
  • Four sizes available

Gowns are non-sterile and not for surgical use, or where Level 3 or 4 protection is warranted.

Click Here for Washing Instructions

*Note: Wash testing was conducted according to CDC-recommended Ebola sterilization standard (1.0% chlorine solution for 10 min.)

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